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Ignite 1/8" Foam Grip Tape (Front/Rear) For stock foot pads Onewheel XR

Ignite 1/8" Foam Grip Tape (Front/Rear) For stock foot pads Onewheel XR

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Will only work for Front or Rear stock foot pads on Onewheel XR!

Trimming may be required for Fm fenders and other fender systems!!!

Tired of foot fatigue? Are your feet slipping around while off-roading? Wanting improved FRONT / REAR grip tape.. LaunchPads are designed to fit on top of your existing OEM Future Motion Footpads(WILL HAVE TO TRIM FOR FM FENDER). So If you have a "Out of the Box" Onewheel all you will need to do to install these is to remove the original grip tape!  Ignite LaunchPads are specially formulated with our signature 24 grit grip tape and a 1/8" Shock Absorbing Gel Foam. This foam is dialed in! With over 3 years in R&D and market research we can confidently say that you will instantly be hooked! We are 100% confident that you will instantly be blown away by the change in the quality from stock. Join the 1000's of happy customers that have chosen Ignite Grip Tape as their go to Grip Tape for Onewheels and E-Skateboards

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