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Ignite 1/4 LaunchPad for Front/Rear stock footpads onewheel xr

Ignite 1/4 LaunchPad for Front/Rear stock footpads onewheel xr

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Front/Rear stock footpad

Tired of foot fatigue? Are your feet slipping around? We have you covered! LaunchPads are designed to fit on top of your existing OEM Future Motion Footpads. So If you have a "Out of the Box" Onewheel all you will need to do to install these is to remove the original grip tape! LaunchPads are made from an extremely durable EVA Foam topped with our exclusive Ignite 24grit Griptape. This is the same foam that is used in the surfboarding industry. Pair with the Ignite Fender System for the ultimate riding experience! These foot pads have almost 2 years of R&D put into them. If you have tried our Ignite Foam Griptape in the past then you will be happy to know we have made a great product even better! LaunchPads are 1/4" thick! That's 1/3 thicker than our Ignite Foam Griptape. If you are wanting to add some cushion to a concave footpad like a Kush Hi or Viper Concave Footpad we recommend our Ignite Foam Griptape. Our adhesive leaves virtually ZERO residue when removed. It can easily be removed while at the same time adhering securely to WOOD & Plastic!! 

As of 6-01-2021 All Ignite LaunchPads, Foam Griptape, and Griptape have been perforated to ensure ease of installation and to help eliminate the chance from a board ghosting due to air pockets trapped between the footpad sensor and grip tape.

**When removing the front pad grip tape be sure you DO NOT REMOVE the top layer of plastic on the front foot pad sensor. ALWAYS remove tape by pulling it across the surface of the foot pad. NEVER PULL AWAY from the foot pad in a Upwards motion which can cause the sensor to delaminate and cause engagement issues. Never use heat over 120F as this can cause the sensor plastic to warp. We recommend using a blow-dryer**

WARNING: Stock grip tape removal or adding a pad to your front sensor can be potentially hazardous - DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  1Wheel Parts is not responsible for bodily injury or board damages.

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