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OSBS Flair Fenders - Onewheel GT-S and Onewheel GT Compatible

OSBS Flair Fenders - Onewheel GT-S and Onewheel GT Compatible

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  • Onewheel GT-S
  • Onewheel GT

The OSBS Flair Fenders:

Protect your Onewheel GT from debris and water with Flair Fenders, the ultimate fender solution for riders who hate bulky fenders. Made with premium semi-flexible TPU material that is far more durable than inexpensive ABS plastic, Flair Fenders offer superior protection without adding bulk or detracting from the look of your ride.

Designed with a minimalistic profile, Flair Fenders are perfect for riders who prefer riding without a fender but want to keep their feet from making contact with the tire. The unique, rounded profile hugs the tire, providing a streamlined and subtle look that's perfect for those who love seeing their tire while they ride.

Flair Fenders are strong and flexible, able to withstand even the most intense riding conditions. They feature an eggshell, semi-smooth finish that wipes clean easily, so your ride always looks fresh and stylish.

Each set of Flair Fenders comes with four anodized screws, a hex key, and a One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack. Order yours today and start riding with confidence!

Material Composition:

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a versatile and customizable material with a wide range of properties depending on its composition. Its blend of hard and soft materials makes it an ideal material for applications that require flexibility, durability, and strength.


Need a walkthrough on how to install the OSBS Flair Fenders? Check out our install video from our YouTube channel.

1 - Gather the necessary tools and materials, including the Flair Fenders, four anodized screws, and a hex key.

2 - Remove any existing fenders or accessories from your Onewheel GT. Locate the four screw holes on the Onewheel near the wheel.

3 - Place the Flair Fenders over the screw holes, making sure they are centered and aligned properly.

4 - Insert the anodized screws through the fenders and into the screw holes.

5 - Use the hex key to tighten the screws until the Flair Fenders are securely attached to your Onewheel but be careful to not overtighten the screws.

6 - Double-check that the fenders are properly aligned and tightened, and make any necessary adjustments.

7 - Enjoy your new Flair Fenders and ride with confidence knowing your feet and board are protected from debris and water.

    Color Options:

    • Midnight Black
    • Sapphire Blue
    • Ruby Red
    • Sour Apple Green
    • Brittany Blue
    • Tangerine Orange 
    • Purple Rain 
    • Icy White
    • Gunmetal Gray 
    • Crystal Clear
    • Limited Edition: Mellow Yellow
    • Limited Edition: Berry Magenta
    • Limited Edition: Neon Yellow

    This package includes:

    1 - Set of OSBS Flair Fenders
    4 - Anodized Screws
    1 - Hex Key
    1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack


    Say hello to the OSBS Rail Armor, the ultimate protection for your rails, made from premium durable and flexible TPU material with high quality laser cut 3M adhesive, Rail Armor is designed to provide maximum protection from wear and tear through everyday use, while also enhancing the overall look of your board. We've designed these from the ground up for the best fit, customized look, and impact protection. Increase the longevity of your rails or sidekicks, and don't let scratches and dings ruin your ride – protect your board with OSBS Rail Armor today!

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